Koffee with Karen

Since we cannot be with each other for fellowship, let us do fellowship by way of Zoom.  Wednesday Mornings at 10:00 AM, we meet by way of Zoom and just talk.  I will try and have a question to start our conversations, but I have a feeling we won’t need prodding!  The Zoom link for these meetings is https://dscumc.zoom.us/j/95302162442?pwd=NjdOc1RwTGI4aGRjdlVwR2pvMVNSUT09 .

Please let me know by way of email, if you are interested and need help with the link.  If you haven’t done Zoom it is easy, I can walk you through it.

This fellowship time is open to all!  I can hardly wait to see your lovely and handsome faces!

Your Sister in Christ,
Karen Conde



The Wired Word Bible Study

On Mondays at 1:00 PM, Pastor Bob is leading The Wired WordTM Bible Study via Zoom.  Each week, participants receive an email with the weekly lesson and then engage in a discussion via Zoom.  This is a great opportunity to look at what’s happening in our world in a biblical context and to relate it to our daily lives.  If you would like to join the study, please contact the church office and we will make sure you get the weekly email so you are ready to participate in class.





Thursday, August 27 – Committees / teams of the church
Friday, August 28 – Blessed are the peacemakers
Saturday, August 29 – Yuma Regional Medical Center
Sunday, August 30 – Youth
Monday, August 31 – Blessed are those who are persecuted
Tuesday, September 1 – Learning ministries
Wednesday, Sep 2 – Spiritual gift of administration

3030 South 8th Avenue
Yuma, Arizona 85364